Make A Splash Learn To Swim School

Our aim at the Make A Splash Swim School is to provide an environment for children to learn to swim that is fun, happy, stimulating and encouraging. Small, personalised swim classes ensure your child receives the individual attention required to keep them smiling while learning.

Our 30 minute classes are set in a program that ensures your child advances with confidence in their swimming. All of our teachers are fully qualified & have completed training within the program to ensure consistency.

A Swim Co-ordinator is on hand during all shifts to assist children, parents & our Instructors. We graduate children up as they progress individually – not after a set block or term is completed. Certificates given for all levels ensure the children are aware of their own progress.

As we are an ability based centre, FREE assessments are offered Monday to Saturday, simply call the office to book in, or you can send us an email.

Below you can find all the forms required to enrol your child into the Make A Splash Swim School. Please note that completed originals are required to make a booking along with the holding deposit. Direct Debit Payment Option is for the Semester bookings ONLY and is not available for the 10 Week Blocks.

You can enrol your child into classes at any time depending upon availability. Our Semesters run from January to June and from July to December. Our casual 10 Week Blocks follow the school terms although there are many options available. We do NOT charge for public holidays as classes are not held on these days.

Classes run throughout the school holidays in April & September for our Semester bookings however the Pool is closed for maintenance in the June holidays. This ensures your child has the consistency to enable them to move through the program as quickly as possible.

We look forward to having your child(ren) swimming here at our school in the near future.